Iceland Volcano 2014

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Data collection details

Collection period: 2014-08-25 17:20:08 to 2014-09-01 14:00:00

Language filters: Only English tweets

Keywords/hashtags used in collection: icelandvolcano, Vattnajokull, Bardarbunga, Bárðarbunga, volcano earthquake, volcano quake, iceland warning, iceland danger, iceland emergency, iceland alert, iceland volcano, iceland volcanoes, iceland eruption, iceland lava, iceland smoke, iceland ash, iceland ashes, iceland tectonic, iceland tectonics, iceland evacuation, iceland evacuates, icelandic warning, icelandic danger, icelandic emergency, icelandic alert, icelandic volcano, icelandic volcanoes, icelandic eruption, icelandic lava, icelandic smoke, icelandic ash, icelandic ashes, icelandic tectonic, icelandic tectonics, icelandic evacuation

Full dataset consisting of ~83,470 tuples (tweet-id, user-id) is available to download: Full Tweets Ids